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This is your personal garage with a view of all your current cars.


Visit the forums to see what other racers are currently discussing.

Car Dealership

This will be the first place you visit to buy a car in order to play SR (Street Racerz)

Car Tuning

Here you can tune your car up with better parts making it a much better car.

PVP Racing

Race other players within the racing system.

Hit The Tracks

Race against some of the NPC characters within the game!

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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Street Racerz is the free to play street racing simulation text based browser game, Within street racerz you can buy and build the ultimate street racing machine and compete against other racerz from around the world!

  • Yes street racerz is 100% free forever, You can however buy unique cars and purchase credits if you wish to gain other benefits but there is no fee to play SR.

  • Unfortunately the staff process doesn't work that way on Street Racerz, You have to prove you can not only be active but also have manners and know how to talk to other people in a proper manner.