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Property Rule Updated!! - 11th-Aug-20 @ 10:34:07
As of next monday 17/08/2020 their will be a new rule implemented into properties we are cutting it down from a monthly check to a two week check this is to give the more active players a chance to own a casino or shop as its unfair that people are only logging in once a month just to keep hold of their property when they have clearly no intentions of playing the game so this is how it will run now.
Who wants to help... - 6th-Apr-20 @ 14:59:59
Hi all

So we were thinking SR needs some little pictures - somthing to make it a little different and brighter. So we umderstand nothing is ever free but as true supporters of sr you will want to help in anyway you can. We cant give anything for the help but we can give full credibility for your work.

We are looking at the areas as follows

Fuel stations
Bank etc etc... little things really...

Weve tried a complete update, designs etc and you still want this old versionn so now is the time to add your little stamp too SR

Negative comments will be deleted as will those who ask for stuff in return. If you dont want to help then please do not comment. If no one want to help with a few little pictures then we will slowly update as we go along.

Thanks everyone!
New prop rules - 22nd-Jul-18 @ 18:58:54

Car Dealers 2.5b
Tune shop 2.5b
All casinos 1b
Airport 500m
Fuel station 1.5b

Max flight price 50k
Max fuel price £150

560s 3.5b
Credits capped to 5m on market

Max of 2 props per user!

Props can be sold for cash or credits only! All other items such as cars can only be sold for cash!

Users caught violating the rules will have the props, cash and items removed.

Unstocked props will be messaged. Owners have 168 hours to restock or it will be removed and auctioned off.